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KEP. 607/MEN/2016

PT. WIRA KARITAS actually originated from a Social Foundation called the WIRA KARITAS Foundation at that time. In 1990, it was oriented towards the development of Indonesian Youth which was expected to be efficient and effective in the future, independently and professionally.

And after seeing the guidance from the community, especially from the members of the foundation, which is getting higher in the need for job opportunities, to answer this challenge, on July 20, 1991, a legal company was formed, namely PT. WIRA KARITAS which in its Deed of Establishment states the main field of activity is the Manpower Service Company.

Currently, PT. WIRA KARITAS is a trusted Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Company and has placed thousands of your personnel in Asia Pacific countries, and is ready to expand to placement countries that require competent migrant workers.

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